Most people have a friend who is in business for himself or herself; if one of those friends is a landscaper, you may find yourself in the tough position of having to decide whether to hire a professional landscaper or your friend. Read on to learn more about making this difficult choice.

The first thing you should consider when choosing any landscaper, friend or professional, is whether or not the person is insured and bonded. Choosing someone to work in your home or on Read the rest of this entry »


Homeowners today are becoming more aware of their outdoor living space. While a nice landscape has always been important to most people, today it’s becoming more of an extension of the indoor living space. With more focus directed towards lawns, gardens, and other outdoor features, selecting the right landscaper has become a priority.

Finding a landscaper that has the ability to do both maintenance and installation is important. While it’s helpful to be able to count on lawn care, a landscaper that can design and install Read the rest of this entry »


Whether you are looking to find beautiful plants to spruce up your front entrance or create a lovely oasis for your backyard patio, determining which plants will thrive in a particular location is important for success. The first step is to determine how much sun your planting area receives on a daily basis. Typically, shaded areas or spots that receive only morning sun are great for perennials that require full shade, such as hostas, bleeding hearts and ferns. You should save plants that like full sun, such as peonies, daylilies and irises, Read the rest of this entry »


Creating a pond in your landscape will update the entire look of your outdoor area. You can add a variety of colorful fish to watch while you sit in the yard and relax. Dig a flower bed across from your pond to add visual appeal to your yard. You can plant a variety of flowers in beautiful accent colors. This will also improve the value of your home. The backyard area of your home should be a private place where you can entertain your guests and family Read the rest of this entry »


Using native plants in landscaping is one of the easiest ways to reduce water usage on your property and to prevent a number of common landscaping issues. Plants tend to be far more robust in their native regions than those that are better adapted to different climates and natural predators. They can flourish with natural rainfall alone and do not need massive amounts of time and attention. In addition to requiring far less maintenance and resources to thrive, however, adt home security parts, these species also provide a range of benefits for the environment such as creating attractive fall foliage and producing nuts, seeds and nectar for birds, insects and small animals.

Preventing The Introduction Of Invasive Plant Species

One of the most important reasons to choose native plants is that these will prevent you from introducing more invasive plant species into your area. Exotic plants can bring invasive insects, fungi and animals and can often start growing out of control. These plants are not actively targeted in new environments by insects, fungi or other issues that help to cull their numbers. By using native species instead, you can promote environmental balance and avoid many of the short and long-term problems that are caused by exotic landscaping additions.